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Daddy's Little Water Bug


Published: February 2006

A violet bathing suit
Stretched over a baby's round body
Rolls of fat spilling over baby's tiny arms.
Cheeks as pump as little butterballs
An infant giggle:
Yet to be corrupted by the world,
Yet to experience loss or heartbreak.
Only concerned with one thing:
The crisp, cool water
in a plastic blue swimming pool
Just deep enough to cover her ankles.
Looking up at Daddy
whose strong , sculpted arms hold her steady
Whose handsome eyes
remain constant over the years
Given as a gift, later to become her eyes,
But not quite yet.
For now, all that matters
Is the hot breeze.
And the tiny open palm that splashes water.
Hearing the sound of Daddy's deep voice
A low grumble of words only distinguishable to baby,
The smell of humidity and stuffy afternoon,
Spending time with Daddy.


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