Abuse Poem by Teens

Poem About Mom Staying In An Abusive Relationship

I wrote this poem the last time my mom and step-dad got in a fight. The cops came over, and I almost got taken away from my own mom. That's what inspired me to write this. This is extremely sad and true.

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Dear Mom


Published: March 2016

I'm tired of all the cops
Coming over to my house.
Will it ever end?
Why do you have to fight all the time?
Why do you fight so loud?
It keeps me up at night.
I cry every time you fight.
You don't even notice.
Why do you hide it from me?
All the bruises,
All the pain,
Why can't you just open up to me, Mom?
Tell me what's going on.
I know he hits you, Mom, you don't have to hide it,
And yet you still stay with him...and for what?
He doesn't have a job
Or help you support us,
So why do you keep him around?
The first time I saw him hit you
It made me go crazy and lose all respect for him.
It's happening more often now,
But yet you still back him up on everything,
And I don't know why.
You still love him,
And I don't know why.
Before you met him you were happy as ever,
But then you and my real dad got divorced,
And that's when it started happening,
When you met HIM.
He ruined everything between us.
You don't even talk to me anymore, Mom.
Now it happens almost every other day,
More and more violent it gets.
You have black eyes, but you still love him,
And I don't know why.
The last time you fought,
The cops came to our house   
And asked me questions like what happened and if he hit you.
You told me to tell them no,
And that's what I did,
Because if I had told them the truth,
I would have gotten taken away from you, Mom.
I love you too much to leave you.
After all the bruises and black eyes,
You still stay with him,
And I don't know why...

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