Abuse Poem

I wrote this because I didn't have the courage to get away when I was abused. I hope this helps someone of you who are dealing/dealt with what I went through. Help Stop Child Abuse!

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Dear Mother And Father

© more by Brianna Horn

Published: November 2008

Dear mother and father
I am up in the clouds floating in the sky
I wish to know is he ok, my brother
For I can't see him I am up too high

Mommy, I know you can't see me
For I am invisible to those who are alive
But please let my brother be
Please don't stab him with that knife

You stabbed me and sent me here
I showed up blue, purple, and black
You were the reason for my fear
But I couldn't fight you back

Now that I am gone
You turn your hand to my brother
Please don't treat him wrong
I love him so much, mother

I want him to live his life
Treat him like you didn't treat me
I want him to grow up and get a wife
Mother and Father, please leave him be

Just let him live or give him away
For everyday that passes by
I think to myself you will pay
and dear brother I cry and cry

For I know what your going through
I know you do not tell those fibs
Though mommy says you talk untrue
I know it hurts when she hits your ribs

I know you cry along the wall
and mom and dad are what cause your fear
but brother please don't ever fall
It is ok if you cry your sorrowful tears

We all love you here no matter what
Please stand tall and tell someone
about our mother how she caused those bruises and cuts
If no one believes you just run, run, run

either way I want you to never forget
I love you more than you can imagine
Get away from the slaps and her hard hit
Find your way to a new kin

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