Depression Poem by Teens

Death, Cutting, Depression

Its hard to believe that people do this to themselves. Many have, Many think such things as this. Many people I know want to do this. Such as me. I need this, But I don't have the nerve to do it. I don't have the nerve to help. Help myself.

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Hidden In A Bright Light


Published: April 2009

She's a girl who didn't
Know herself well.
She seemed a happy,
Joyful child very
Different though.

This child lived a life
A life of silence
She did not have many to
Speak to. Not much to say.

Death, Cutting, Depression.
Was a part of her life.
All of her life.
That was all it was.
Death, Cutting and

She was ignored
by the people
the people that were,
were suppose to love her

Her Parents thought she
was a mistake a mishap.
A thing that never should
have never happened.
A disgrace.

She was never loved by no one
She was "a waste" she has told herself
She ask "Do I try to Disturb the Life of
Good people?"

She no long did such a thing
She no longer put herself
In pain and misery
She put herself out of it
She for once felt
felt good, normal,


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