Loss of a Friend Poem

Death Of Friend From Drugs

I love writing poems I've been writing them for as long as I can remember .

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R.I.P Sounds


Published: February 2008

People used to say stuff
Both good and bad,
Now when I look at them
I think there quite sad.
I know he did drugs
And he liked the old crack,
But that's no need to
Stab him in the back.
He went through a lot,
I mean he did get bricked
And he survived all the times
When he got nicked.
He was only 19
He didn't deserve to die,
But he's probably having a great time being up in the sky.
His family loved him
And so did his mates,
None of us are going to
Forget any of his traits.
People I know would slag him off,
But now when they do it
They had better have there fingers crossed,
Because at the end of the day
He died very young,
And now when they say stuff
The cat won't catch my tongue.
I'll tell them what I think of them
I'll tell them what I think
And if they've got a problem,
They can reply within a blink.
Down from the family
Sounds by the streets
We all miss you mate so-



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