Sister Death Poem

Death Of Pregnant Sister

I was the middle of three sisters until two months ago. My older sister was killed in a car accident. She was 7 months pregnant.

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It Is Worth It


Published: March 2008

As the loss becomes real
I stop waiting for it to be you on the phone
But when the caller ID says your name
And it is only your husband
Who can't change it
My reality is flipped.
I don't answer
Because it won't be you
Although a part of me wants to check
Just incase

Oh sister hold me now
Hold my heart and hold my aching soul
Soften our family's pain my big sister
If anyone can, you can

My life was better for having you in it
But the loss of you and your baby
Is a reminder that life is not a gift
That cannot be taken away

For you, I will love life anyway
The risks my big sister, are worth it
The pain, my big sister, is worth it
And you, my big sister, are worth it still
That will never change.



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