STOP Suicide Poem

This poem shows how I saw depression, a person who I could trust so much.

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Death, You Are My Friend And The Love Of My Life


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008 with permission of the author.

As I hold hands with this hooded person.
His hands as cold as ice,
his black eyes as dead as night.
He leads me to an overpass and tells me how to forget about the past.
As the words trust me slip out of his cold dead lips,
I reached up and gave him a kiss.
I pulled his hood off and it revealed a girl,
I said ok take me away from this world.
She said step of the over-pass so you can let go of your past.
As I step of the edge I fell towards the earth.
I remember all my life while I was in mid-flight.
Then I forgot it all at the end of the fall.
As I land on the highway I died that very day.
I looked ahead and a light revealed the gates of heaven and I realized it was the end.


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