Mother Child Poem

Do You Love Me? Poem

A girl questions her mother's love for her and then talks about all the reasons that she know her mother does indeed love her.

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Unconditional Love


Published: February 2006

Surely you say you love me,
But do you really mean it?
Yes, I'm questioning your love.

If I were to ask how to prove it,
Could you show me?
Anything you'd do would show love.

What I see, when I look in your eyes,
Is a beautiful woman.
What I feel, when you hold me close,
Is my 16 years of life.
What I learn, when I speak to you,
Is strength and courage.

Every time I'm around you,
I feel safe and warm
No matter how old I get,
Your arms will stay my comfort zone.

Every time I'm angry with you,
I regret all the reasons
The next time I see your face,
I've forgotten them too.

Every day that passes,
Is another day we're closer.
Every picture of me,
Is one more that resembles you.
Every time I'm told I'm like you,
Is another thing I'm so proud of.
Every person that wants to meet you,
I gladly tell them you're my mom.

For every reason you've given me to hate you,
Are a hundred more reasons for love.
For every friend I have who hates their mother,
Makes me a hundred times happier to call you mom.
For every memory we have together,
They're all something I've learned from.

Everything you've ever done for me,
Makes me wonder if I deserved it.
Everything you've ever given up for me,
Makes me wonder what your regrets are.

Every time I play the flute,
I can see your face.
For every time I race,
I run for you.

All the times you've supported me,
Every rehearsal, meet, and concert you were there.
All the choices I've made,
Always with you aware.
All the fears I've ever had,
You helped them go away.
Anytime I needed help,
Your attitude was Sure any day

I'm glad these past 16 years,
I've had you to talk to.
I'm excited for the years to come.

To tell people you're my best friend
Isn't something I'm ashamed of.

There are some thing's I've always wanted to you to know
But I never knew how to say it.
I guess some thing's just have to wait,
They'll show when they are ready.



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