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when I was 8 years old a life of hell began with the man who was my father. he was addicted to heroin and raped and beat me senseless on several occasions. today I am 17 years old, and in drug rehab. I have been sober for a grand total of 6 months. and I can finally look in the mirror and face who I am today. my father committed suicide when I was 12, he shot himself in the head.

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That's so sad!! I hope you are ok and getting through life ok...!

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Published: November 2009

Please daddy don't
please daddy don't walk away
don't go daddy that's all I have to say
daddy don't leave me on this sidewalk
I don't wanna be alone
I'm scared daddy
please take me by the hand
don't go daddy
this pain I just can't stand
daddy don't go
I have no one else
daddy you left me in a room
daddy where is momma, I can't find her
I'm scared
left alone on the floor
some one is knocking on the door
who is it I yell
daddy where did you go
I'm alone
uh oh daddy's back
daddy I missed you I squeal
I'm glad your back
I run over to hug him
daddy shoves me violently to the ground
he says make one sound your dead
daddy don't hurt me anymore
I just don't understand
you said it was my turn to give what momma wouldn't
daddy don't do it
I'm just a little girl
shut up he screams
daddy twists my arm behind my back
and shoves me toward the room
he said I love you
daddy don't do it again
I am only ten
no more pain More game
daddy I'm so ashamed
daddy's shooting up again
he offers me this time
daddy don't put it in my arm
daddy don't I'll yell
daddy someone is at the door
I am scared
he looks through the hole
daddy lets them in
3 big guys
1 by 1 they shuffle in the room
daddy whispers make it quick
she's mine soon
daddy don't leave me alone with them
daddy please stay
they take turns
as I lay there and I cry
I wished that I could die
what happened to my childhood
I guess it was never really there
daddy is back again
he's crying I am scared
I tell  him how much I hurt
and as much as you hurt too
I know it is over now
because he's on the floor
in a puddle of blood
that I had never seen before

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  • Elenj by Elenj, Perth Australia
  • 4 years ago

That's so sad!! I hope you are ok and getting through life ok...!

  • Jessica Dollard by Jessica Dollard
  • 10 years ago

wow. that was very deep. how brave of you to share this. keep writing your feelings down. congrats on 6 months clean. I will have 5 months soon.

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