Hurting Poem by Teens

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Published: March 2010

A world wind of drama hit me all at once
Not being able to stand cuz the pain felt so bad
The tears streaming down my face forming an ocean
The mountains I have not yet accomplished
Oh this drama is like a hurricane
Pulling me from my promises
Will I ever find happiness in this drama
Time after time I've tried
But found no relief from trail and tribulations from this drama
I pray at night for no more drama
Crying please Lord save me from my pain and sorrow
Now 14 and still running from my past that hunts me
God is my only friend who has stood with me through all my drama
Sometimes forgetting he is the reason that I am here today
Me this child who feels captivated in this cruel world
In this place they call heaven on Earth
Seems to me that it is more like hell on Earth
God why are we hating on one another
When we supposed to love one another
They call you this
They say you that
But beauty is only held in the eye of the beholder
Drama is what I've been through
But still I stand through all my drama



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