Addiction Poem about Family

Driving Drunk Poem

After her mother was almost killed in a drunk driving incident, she gives her mother a piece of her mind.

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Be There


Published: February 2006

You were supposed to be there for me and for others,
Instead you were out there burning your rubbers.
I don't know what was wrong with the way you were thinking,
You told me don't drink,
Don't smoke,
And get good grades,
But now all that is starting to fade.
You did it all wrong and really screwed up.
You're supposed to be good,
Like a normal mom would,
But you weren't following the rules,
You were being a fool.
I remember that day like yesterday,
When the nurse at the hospital would say,
She was in an accident.
What a tragic moment for me,
I got the call at 4 am,
And we rushed to the hospital to be there for you.
I was there through thick and thin.
We laughed and cried and were even worried.
It all turned out all right and you fought a good fight.
I hope you learned to take the right turn
Down the good road and not the bad.
I was there for you and always had.
I hoped you learned to have fun,
BUT whatever you do, don't drink and drive like that ever again.
Whenever you think about it, remember that scar on your forehead.
Do you want another to look at every night before you go to bed?
Don't drink and drive.
Next time use your head.


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