Alcohol Addiction Poem

Poem About How Drunk Driving Can Hurt

It's about drunk driving and showing you someone who doesn't drink can still get hurt.

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Mum, I Listened


Published: June 2007

Mum, I listened to what you said.
You told me not to drink and drive, so I had a coke instead.
I felt so happy to do something right.
I never drank, not even once that night.
I felt so proud, mum, to not drink,
But my other friends did; they didn't stop to think.
The party finished late that night; I left alone.
I got into my car and started to make my way home.
I pulled out of the car park, but I didn't see.
I didn't see my friend coming straight at me.
In a panic I slammed on my brakes.
My neck jolts, my body shakes.
I looked out of the window and I see my mate.
I see the car coming and think it's too late.
I felt his car crash into mine.
I was wishing it was all okay and it would be fine.
I survived and my friend did too.
This is just showing you
What drunk driving can do...



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