Dying Poem

Poem To Help Daughter Deal With Mom's Impending Death

I wrote this poem for my daughter to help her deal with my impending death. I am an older parent, so she worries about my death. I also have a physical illness, which is terminal. She is thirteen and does not know of this condition but has read the poem and can understand dying is not the end if you have a belief in your life.

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Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015

I'm dying, and I know it; there is nothing I can do
but make the best of things and be tried and true.
I know I'll leave behind a world I love to see,
but these are the plans God has made for me.
I don't want you to be sad or even a little blue.
I'm walking here with God, so be happy for me too.
Sun is shining on my face, whispers in my ears.
I see my loved ones waiting at the gates
with their gentle cheers.
So when you leave here today, know that someone
is watching over you and waiting for the time
I will see you too.


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