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Poem On Single Pregnant Women And Abortion

This poem is dedicated to my unborn who never had a chance to begin life and to all the single pregnant women alone and scared with no help from anyone. If you're thinking of having abortion please make your decision wisely and on your own not for no one else to make them for you. I have remorse deeply for what I had done. You will never forget that day trust me. I give lots of hugs to all the women who had an abortion. It's time for us to move on to the future. Keep your head up. God forgives and still love us despite our past.

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I had an abortion exactly a year ago. I was just 17 and there was no support and no help. I do wonder will I ever forgive myself and move on?

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Empty Space


Published: November 2008

I made a choice I will never forget that day.
I will remember March 29th always.
The day I chose to have you killed.
I would do anything to have you back here.
A mother suppose to protect and nurture their unborn.
I feel empty like my soul has been torn.
If only I could change the past.
To have you here in my arms.
I was so young and afraid
I know I just killed my blessing.
All I feel is sadness and pain.
I listen to a coward who wasn't ready for one.
Angel, it was your father, he wanted to run.
He wasn't ready and still wanted to have fun.
I should have put you number one.
You would have been here.
I would have been a mother and sung.
Please Lord forgive me for what I done.
I hope to see my angel in heaven.
I feel terrible and have learned my lesson
In life I am miserable and stressing.
I feel so guilty all I do is cry.
I am so alone, depressed, and at times wish I could die.
Why did I have to take your precious life?
You were my first and only pregnancy.
Everyday you were growing in my belly.
I was scared, poor, and didn't have any help.
Your father who help make you was in fear.
All he did was talk about child support checks.
I am the one to blame for all of this I am in tears.
I was all by myself and no one seem to care
I thought abortion would be the very best.
Now that decision has made me suffer with many regrets.
Trials and tribulations in life oh this is such a bad test.
Why life haft to be so unfair?
This is what I'm going to have to face with everyday.
I will never have peace until I go in my grave.
I will love you my angel always.
I just wish I could make this curse feeling go away.
The never ending feeling of EMPTY SPACE...



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  • Melody by Melody, UK
  • 6 years ago

I had an abortion exactly a year ago. I was just 17 and there was no support and no help. I do wonder will I ever forgive myself and move on?

  • Alex by Alex, England
  • 7 years ago

This is so sad, I had an abortion when I was 18 I was 3 months gone, and I was very happy about it until the babies dad started saying how hard it was going to be and everyone will judge, he got inside my head and pressures me into getting an abortion so I listened to him and I have never regretted something I have done more than I regret getting rid of my baby :(

  • Purely Sad by Purely Sad, Malaysia
  • 9 years ago

March 31st is coming, I kept on reading this poems..time by times..it goes exactly the same situation now almost one year, and the date of my abortion was 31st march 2010. The man that I was together with almost 3 years, I live abroad. and when he knew it, he left me without any words. till today, I can't stop forgiving myself and crying. I just feel so empty. May god forgive us. I wish I could meet her soon in heaven.

  • Trish by Trish, South Dakota
  • 9 years ago

This is an amazing poem. Thanks to the author. I feel for the girls who have written comments and hope that they seek help to find God's forgiveness and comfort. I have just finished "Forgiven and Set Free" bible study and am having a dedication for my daughter next week. I had an abortion 23 years ago and spent most of that time trying to forget the shame and quilt. Because of the bible study, I have forgiven myself and know God has forgiven me. I can't begin to explain what peace I have and joy in the Lord from finally letting go of all the bad stuff from my abortion....many things I wasn't even aware of and how it affected my life. So, PLEASE, get help to deal with the aftermath of abortion. I will never meet anybody that reads this but know we are all connected by abortion and just want to send my love and care!

  • Anonymous by Anonymous
  • 9 years ago

This poem really hit home. I made the hardest and worst decision of my life on August 3rd. I listened to the wrong voice. I listened to the father of my baby and my own insecurities rather than the helpless child growing inside me. I was convinced that since the baby was only 6 weeks old it would be easy, I was so wrong. It has been 6 months and everyday I cry. The father tries to comfort me but nothing helps.... Honestly please don't ever make the decision to abort if you're thinking about it. This hurts more than I could ever imagine. I'm so sorry to the baby I'll never meet, never hold, but will always love. So so sorry......

  • Sydney by Sydney
  • 9 years ago

This poem, is well, an abortion poem. its the same thing everytime, too young wrong decision. I did the same, and yes, too young wrong decision. I would do absolutely anything to have my baby, which would be here next month if I hadn't. Please, if anyone is considering, don't do it, please take my advice. No one gets to see what could have been and now everyday I'm faced with that horrible truth. if you're thinking that you won't feel that way, you're wrong.

  • Patty by Patty, Tampa
  • 9 years ago

I too get a lot of comfort from this. Today is Michael's 8th birthday. It was 9 years this October that I aborted my son. Over time I have learned to forgive myself but will never forget. There are times I wish I could shout my pain from the roof tops but I know that is not possible. Only a select few know about what happened. Mine was also the result of not being strong enough to stand up to the man in my life and give life to my child. Michael you are my angel in heaven and I know that I will meet you some day.

  • Luticia by Luticia, West Virginia
  • 9 years ago

I was in the same position. June 28 2007. and still to this day I miss my child very much. The father abused me always but I'm stronger now. and I miss my child so much. I understand you.

  • Rose by Rose, Alberta
  • 10 years ago

I just had an abortion 7 months ago , this poem is exactly how I feel everyday. The man in my life didn't ever talk about child support or anything. We were together for a year and a half and when he found out he left. this makes this poem ever more sad.

  • Angie by Angie
  • 10 years ago

This poem is amazing. I also decided to have an abortion,. it was the worst decision I could've ever made and I wish I could take it back. this poem describes my every feelings and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that was in that exact situation...it was definitely a lesson learned and a lesson never forgotten

  • teresa by teresa
  • 11 years ago

This poem hit so close to home... its as if though my thoughts spilled onto paper without me writing them. Its been 5 years since I had an abortion and it seems that what happened here with the father is exactly what happened to me. I know and accept that in the end it was my decision and now its my regret.

  • Aimy by Aimy
  • 11 years ago

omg this made my break down and cry I had one done as well when I was 17 and I feel the very same way it sucks but now I have a son I love so much well just wanted to say your poem touched my heart thanks so much I try and forget it but it's always there you know but I love this poem its like exactly how I feel

  • olissa by olissa
  • 11 years ago

this poem it so touching that it almost made me cry because me myself have made bad decisions that I have to live with and I really feel what this poet is feeling and I must say that it's really sad.

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