Goodbye Friend Poem

End Of Friendship Poem

I haven't been the same since I hurt my best friend. She was crying when she told me she couldn't be my friend anymore. She would never do anything to hurt me, and I thought I would never hurt her. I would give my life- and wish I could- to take back the pain I've caused her. I'm so sorry, Nicole. I will never forget you.

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Final Words


Published: May 2008

Zoom in- a decaying room
Bursting with life
As a criminal tomb

Continue panning closer
As the cheap wood desk comes into sight,
While the hanging light sways and flickers
Then gives in without a fight.

Lightning flares, and thunder screams
Illuminating the chamber.
A faint, subtle drum in the distance
Supplies the scene with a hint of danger.

Again the lightning flickers,
This time drawing notice to a face.
Her features look worn, like she's been through a lot
Her eyes share the memories she can't erase.

And sitting on the table,
The note seems to offer another chance.
One that the girl's not willing to take;
Exhausted of dancing life's dance.

So, neatly folded, it stays in its place
While the girl's giving up her own.
A tear falls unheard to the floor
As she remembers the hostility she's shown.

Her thoughts turn back to a once great friend;
In her depression, the leading role.
"I never meant to hurt you," she whispers
"I'm so sorry, Nicole!"

So with tears of guilt and regret
And a strength she didn't know,
She plunged that blade so deep into her heart
Broken just three weeks ago.



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