Sickness Poem

This is for my poor nan with Alzheimer's. She gets worse by the day. Worst thing is she cries when we leave because although she doesn't know who we are she knows she'll be alone!

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Every Month Matters With Alzheimer's


Published: September 2014

it had been a while
at least a year
she wore a smile
I held back tears

she didn't know me or my name
she did not know the week or day
she had gotten worse than last time
I felt awful though she seemed fine
she was confused a lot about how to eat
how to sit on a seat

it was as if she was a child
so confused why we were sad
she had gotten thinner
dyed her hair
she still looked like her but she wasn't there

we snuck away when we left her there
we knew if goodbyes were said there would be tears

I felt sadness and regret
although I knew she would forget

as my aunt said that day
90% of her brain is not working
but the 10% still there knows there is something wrong
she is in a home that's not her own

For my nan with Alzheimer's


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