Loss of a Friend Poem

Earlier this year, I lost my best friend. It was hard, and that's when I started writing poetry. It has helped me express my emotions while painting images full of color with words of black and white.

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Far, Far Away

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Published: August 2017

All she needed was a chance,
A chance to make her heart dance.
No one knew she had it in her,
Because all they saw was a broken mirror.

I was the one who saw who she truly was,
Because she was different and not exactly sane.
We laughed and joked from dawn to dusk.
And just like that she was gone.

The next morning came dark, cold and lifeless.
My heart cried and choked,
While everyone else was sound asleep.
Every night was the same routine.

I was falling to pieces,
Silently and all alone.
I didn't want everyone to know the loss I had faced,
So I buried it deep inside where it killed me.

I looked like I was okay,
But I knew I wouldn't find anyone like her again.
Quietly I mourned and fell
Until rain came down and washed me away.

Away it took me,
Far, far away.
That's where I lost myself
But found myself again.



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