Abandonment Poem

Father Keeps Leaving Family Poem

A father who keeps leaving his family.

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Left Me


Published: June 2008

Waiting alone in a quiet room,
Bad things are what I start to assume,
I wait longer and longer for him to leave again,
As my body starts to feel nervous and numb,
The door opens and my mom comes in,
I can already feel her pain from within
As she tells me he's leaving us again
My eyes fill up with painful tears
People always tell me that I will be fine
But it's hard when your dad's leaving for the fifth time!
Now I don't want to see him ever again
I guess I was wrong when I thought he was MY friend,
He lied to me, hurt me, just like he did to my mom..
I feel like I am constantly being torched or set like a bomb.
And I hope one day he feels guilty for what he did
To a 4-year-old girl who he called his kid.


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