Abuse Poem

Fighting Against Abuser

This is about a girl who finally woke up to herself and knew that what her mum did wasn't right so she found a way to make it all stop.
Thank God...

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Finally Awoke From The Dread


Published: November 2007

When I wake up in the morning I feel a sensation none other can feel,
The heart has stopped, steady and steal.
Like a rocket shooting for the moon, I'm a child trying to hide in a human cocoon.
Bruises and bumps that appear over my body, new ones happening every day.
I'm so scared of my mother I just want to get away.
In the shower I go washing the blood from my face and the tears from my eyes,
Just standing there wanting to die.
As I get out of the shower I suddenly see, that this isn't the way God wanted me to be.
I was to stand up for myself and not let her put me down, for this once it was she that was going to be on the ground.
So the very next day, I got out of bed not wanting to see what was just up ahead. 
There mother was standing tall, with her arm up against the wall she said "listen here you little twit don't tell a word don't let this slip".
I saw mothers arm swing before my eyes, lucky for me she got the surprise.
The police broke in just in time otherwise I knew that I could have died.

Now I'm fostered, feeling very strong, I love my new family, I'm glad we get along..

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