Addiction Poem about Family

Following In Ways Of Father

This Poem is dedicated to my father a suffering addict since I can remember. I give him my love, and my hate.

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My Dear Father


Published: April 2008

You tear me apart
Gashed, beaten and worn at the seams
I love you
Although you are no longer yourself

I want YOU back
Strong body, loving mind
But this is not reality
Just memories of a different life

I smell the sweetness
Your lethal weapon you use against yourself
It kills you slowly like 1000 leaches sucking at your blood
All I can do is watch
My lethal weapon
Watching you destroy yourself
As I ask is this too my destiny?

I hate you for what you are
I hold on to you for what you used to be
I want the person you were
Is that so conceited?

I hate myself for taking your old habits
I hate myself for I have no commitment

My ears burn from the hate I screech into them
My stomach wrenches from the toxins I put there
My heart aches at the thought you will someday not be here

Please don't leave this world without me
Take me with you
I can't stay here by myself
I'm like an ant in a jungle
To small to see what's approaching
Yet big enough to see what's approaching you

Come with me, lay here and watch me bleed
We will leave this place together
Forgetting all our deathly memories


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