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Finding Inspiration In All Things

This poem reflects all of the different places that inspire people. Sometimes we just need to be still in the rushing world and really appreciate our surroundings and what they inspire in us. I would never have written half of the poems that I have written without the people who surround me and the beauty of this world, and I want anyone who reads this poem to feel inspired by it.

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Published: April 2017

Inspiration can come from anywhere and mean anything.
From nature to words and songs with lyrics.
There's inspiration to write, draw, run and everything in between,
But it was all inspired from somewhere.
Through nature we hope to grow more and cultivate it,
Or perhaps just to admire its beauty.
A song can fill us with joy or sadness.
Sometimes it helps to just reflect what we are feeling.
Art means something different to everyone who looks upon it.
Some see desperation; others the perseverance etched into it.
Still others may comment and say they see nothing but colors.
It all depends on your perspective,
Yet still I will say,
Inspiration runs through all things,
Laced into the very fabric of the world.


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