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Father Drinks

Lying to children can be abuse. Let us not assume that we not know what is best for them.

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For Me And Others


Published: February 2006

You say you're here for me and others,
You say you're here for me and my brother,
I didn't think you would lie,
Telling me never to cry,
You tell me to stay in school,
To get good grades and then graduate,
Well then I think of what you have told me,
To never drink and drive even if you're the only one standing,
Well I thought you would follow,
And not lie and be hallow,
But instead you did,
Got your life more screwed up then it already is,
My friends had to tell me this,
Then the nurse had to question me,
Along with some close family members,
Then they help me defend you,
It screwed up our lives,
All together as a family,
For you to tell me we'll live happily,
Is now a lie?
For ever now I can no longer buy,
The lies,
The fibs,
And most of all I can no longer live.



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