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I wrote this poem for my baby brother. He was taken away from me at only a year and 6 months. He had a smile that was unforgettable. But now I'm alone in this world with out him. Now the only thing I can think of is every day that I live, I'm one day closer to seeing him.
Rip Evan.

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I feel you. I lost my baby brother 01-16-2017. He was only 19 months old. My caseworker told me at school on 01-20-2017. I found out late because I'm in foster care. I didn't even get to go...

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Forever Gone Baby Brother


Published: March 2011

From the first day I met you and held you in my arms.
Their was a love that had an unbreakable bond.
The first time I saw you smile was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.
The first time I heard you was the sweetest sound.
The first time I heard your fate, I cried.
We were told you didn't have too much time left.
We had you for a year and 6 months.
Then all of the sudden you were gone.
You were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
Your love cut through me like a knife.
I loved you more than the world alone.
And now I'm alone baby brother.
I try to come off strong but I cry over you every night.
You were too young to be taken like that.
Two smiling eyes closed to rest.
God took your life to prove to me, He only takes the very best.



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  • Tammy Thompson by Tammy Thompson
  • 3 years ago

I feel you. I lost my baby brother 01-16-2017. He was only 19 months old. My caseworker told me at school on 01-20-2017. I found out late because I'm in foster care. I didn't even get to go to his funeral. I feel like it's all a nightmare and when I wake up he'll be in my bed, in my arms. He thought I was his mother. I cared for him ever since he and my step mom left the hospital. I fed him, bathed him, changed his diapers, got up in the middle of the night, played with him...everything... I have asked the questions "why?" but I guess the answer is for another time... It just hurts so bad knowing he's not with me anymore. I'm dreaming of the day when I'm with him again.

  • Maisy Conklin by Maisy Conklin
  • 5 years ago

I feel for you entirely my dear. I lost my twin brother a week after we were born. I never got to know him, but I know he's with me always. Irreplaceable beyond belief, and not even a pill can help me sleep. All I do is think of him. Having a photograph of him next to my bed isn't enough anymore. I'm 18 years old now, and I'm currently in the process of covering my back in tattoos for him and only him. Bless you girly<3

  • Jennessa by Jennessa, Canada
  • 5 years ago

My baby brother was only 18 hours old when he was taken from us. Born at 27 weeks, 13 weeks premature.
He had so much strength, we see that strength live in his twin sister.
I was not there before you passed and that kills me every day, no one should have to see their sibling for the first time in a casket.

  • Alina by Alina, Ny
  • 6 years ago

My little brother was the most beautiful work of gods art I had ever seen. I was only 5 but I still remember the day of the accident. It still hurts and the pain is still in my heart. I miss him. He would be 11 years old this year. I could see him sitting right besides me and it hurts that he isn't. He is still here in my heart and I will never let him go. I know he is where he needs to be, eventhough it isn't with me. I am an only child, but I was a sister for the one week he was alive.

  • Moore by Moore
  • 7 years ago

My baby brother was born on June 11 2007. He was the most beautiful baby boy in the world. It was June 7 2009, we had went to sulfur lake for his birthday, we were camping out for a week. When my mom and dad had thrown his party on June 9 2009, at the end they went to say goodbye to the people who came to the party. Me and my cousin were playing on the rocks by the lake and my brother and our two boy cousins were looking at a caterpillar and Jonathan, my baby brother was with them. We had gotten some tiki torches and torch fuel to keep the bugs away. It was sitting on the picnic table when all of a sudden Jonathan was gone when we saw him he was chocking on the torch fuel because he had inhaled it. My parents went to the hospital and my grandparents came back to us at the camp site after about 5 hours. They told us that Jonathan hadn't made it. It was the worst sentence I could have ever imagined.

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