Goodbye Friend Poem

Against all odds, two girls become friends, but now they must part. Will they allow the distance to separate their hearts?

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Friends 4 Ever


Published: June 2007

A long time ago,
When we first met,
I didn't like you.
We had a bet.

Over a stupid guy,
I thought we'd never get along,
My instincts were telling me.
I was so wrong.

One day when you went out with him,
I'll admit, I was jealous,
Until we started talking.
Later nothing could come between us.

Now we look back at the past,
We've been through thick and thin.
It came across me,
I found my best friend.

I don't care what happens.
With me by your side,
I will not criticize.
There is nothing to hide.

You can tell me anything,
Don't worry about it.
Won't let you go through your problems alone,
There is so much more where we can get.

Don't keep things bottled inside,
I will always be there for you.
I will be by your side,
There is nothing our friendship can't do!

You are more than a friend,
You're like a sister to me.
Together there is nothing
That we can't see.

You are about to leave,
I can't say good-bye,
No matter how hard I try.
I will break down and cry!

It is still hard to believe,
I can't see you're leaving.
I will always remember,
I will always be grieving.

I want you to remember,
No matter what happens,
We will be friends forever!!



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