Betrayal Poem

From Friend To Lover To Nothing

Years of amazing friendship with a female friend. The promises. The pacts. Nothing would come between us. Nobody would hinder our path together, and eventually we became soulmates. We had each other on every possible level: mentally, physically, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually. Angels were our guide to respective happy places. An old flame swept her away from me, and I went from everything to nothing literally overnight. Then I remembered the poems I wrote for her.....

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Those Words Aren't Yours


Published: October 2011

Do you know what hurts me more than anything?
Despite my happiness?
It's the one thing
That boils over in my mind.
It's all those words I wrote for you
All that real emotion you read,
All my soul that filled your head.
It appears they were for someone else,
Not for your eyes
Because you never felt them.
You never knew their meaning.
I thought you heard my lyrics.
That's why I wrote and wrote
As if it depended on my health.
I wish I'd kept them for myself.
And now that you have seen them,
I can't write them out again.
Someone else I will love and cherish
Will miss how my soul used to bleed
And how my heart used to think.
That is what eats me as I live
Just what you claimed in your selfish claws.
Those words aren't yours
Those words aren't yours.


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