Grandmother Death Poem

I am the youngest of 16 grandchildren this poem represents a true story. We were visiting a church carnival 3 weeks after my grandmother's death. I had the windows rolled down and Gabe lost his balloon out the window. Only when I told him that Mammy would keep it safe did he stop crying. Gabe was only 3 years old at the time. The following Thanksgiving of 2008 he keep telling me that someone wasn't there and we had to wait. I asked him who wasn't here and his reply was, "Mammy's not here."

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Gabe's Little Blue Balloon


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

While driving down the road
On a warm June day
My little boy's blue balloon slipped out the window
And began to slowly drift away.

My balloon, my balloon his little voice cried
While sadly watching the distance growing
Quickly tears began to fall from his eyes
Of loosing that little blue balloon so soon.

Don't worry, it will be safe, I told him
She has it in her sight and will keep a hold.
Immediately the tears stopped
from the words he was being told.

She'll take the string and tie it
Securely to her hand
And show it off to everyone
The blue balloon she got from a little man.

She'll never let the air out or
Let it pop, or let it go
She'll keep it safe just for you
No matter how hard the wind in heaven may blow.

Mommy you miss Mammy.
From behind me his little voice spoke,
Quickly wiping away an unshed tear
From those four little words my heart broke.

Mommy don't cry,
It will be alright, she's watching from afar.
Mammy is in heaven
And she'll never be too far.


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