Goodbye Love Poem

Gone Forever Poem From Him To Her

At the lowest point in my life our eyes met from across the room and everything changed. I fell for a girl who was still in love with a man from her past. She didn't know what to do or who to choose. After waiting in agony, she would eventually decide to do nothing and move to California. Gone forever, I have nothing left but the memory of Ms. Rose.

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Don't Let Me Go


Published: June 2013

A moment in time
So infinitely divine

The universe brought you to me
Fate's a funny thing, you see
Like how you and I are meant to be

Seen you from afar
Was that a shooting star?

The moment that we met
The pretty little things you said
Are forever planted in my head

These sleepless nights
Dwindling lights
Do I continue to fight?
When I'm holding onto nothing so tight

She stares at the rose and crinkles her nose
In her gut she knows

He whispers to the moon
I know she's coming soon

The universe is calling
Catch me, I'm falling
In love with you...


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