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Poem From A Grandmother

For the first two years of his life I was the babysitter for my grandson. My daughter referred to my grandson and me as best friends. Then suddenly her work schedule changed and they moved further away. I knew he would someday leave to start school, but I thought I still had a couple more years to be his BBF. This poem expresses my feelings about the separation. I replaced my grandson's name with Grandbaby so other grandparents could relate to the experience.

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Published: September 2014

Grandbaby-baby in the womb
I think you're running out of room.
Do you want to see me soon,
Grandbaby-baby in the womb?

Grandbaby-baby in my arms
I will keep you safe from harm.
Yours will be a life that's charmed
Grandbaby-baby in my arms.

Grandbaby-baby on the floor
You're too cute to be ignored. 
Do you want to play some more,
Grandbaby-baby on the floor?

Grandbaby-baby toddling by
Now it's time to say good-bye.
You're the apple of momma's eye,
Grandbaby-baby toddling by?

Daughter-Daughter moving away
I know you have to make your way,
You're always welcome here to stay.
Daughter-Daughter moving away.


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