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Losing Memory Poem

She watches a loved one begin to lose his memory and then pass away.

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This was beautiful Ashtyn.

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Grandpa Ot


Published: February 2006

I remember the days when I use to sit on your lap
And dig quarters out the front pocket of your shirt.
While we watched "Movin On Up", on your black and white TV.
I remember running around your house playing Hide-N-Seek with my cousins
Playing with the dolls with blonde hair
Pretending that they had voices and were the world's greatest singers.
Then I remembered the day, I came to your new home.
The one, where they watch you day in and day out.
I wanted so much more for you, but I couldn't fight the tears
Seeing you confuse us with others from your past.
Even though you see us and hear us
You don't know it's us.
Then one day you had to be moved
I remember the pale blue gown with the green dots
You know the one with the behind out.
And you laying in a silver crib
With starched white sheets
I know it was uncomfortable
I didn't want to forgive my mother
But I had to, because I love her
I wish she would've have waited so late
To let us finally see you
It was about 7:30
She came into the waiting room
I'm holding my little baby sister
Watching Martin
I nearly dropped her to the floor
When I saw the tears in my mother's eyes
I knew what happened.
I remember running in the room
Shaking you, and shaking you, and shaking you
Please wake up, don't leave, and don't go
But GOD came to get you
Took you to HIS home
I remember watching my grandma cry
Watching every family member cry
All I could do was smile
To try and cheer everyone up.
Man...I remember



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  • by Harold, Long Beach Mississippi
  • 8 years ago

This was beautiful Ashtyn.

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