Teen Death Friend Poem

Poem About Guilty Feelings When A Friend Dies

This poem was really just about a bad relationship that you witness in which a person you care about gets hurt and you feel guilty because you didn't really do anything about it even though you knew

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Dead Angel

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Published: October 2013

Broken glass litters the floor
Because she thought you cared
I saw, I knew but I didn't tell her
That what she felt wasn't shared
You broke her fragile little heart
And you bruised her pretty little face
Hidden between the painted lines
Hit her hard in more than one place

She never bothered to let me in
She wasn't the same as before
While I stayed out when she asked
You went ahead and entered the door
She was marked "Keep Out" by more than one
I heard her screams through the wall
Those days she used to skip and
Now I only ever see her crawl
She's fallen below your feet
And the one above cares nothing for her
An angel wasted on a drunken devil
Such a sad sight for all that we were

How can you rape an angel?
Golden hair lying upon bloody floors
I am reaching for her broken wings
Maybe she never realized they were only metaphors
As she jumped out of the window
She took the only escape route she ever knew
They call it suicide but I realize
The only murderer ever known to me is you

I cry over her shattered halo
And wish that God had broken her fall
Wasted on a violent excuse for you
When she could have had it all

Life's twisted joke and it was so cruel
If I had known I would have opened my arms
As she flew through the air
I would have taken the fall for her
Instead I sit on a broken chair
After another therapy session waiting
For my friend to return to my heart
Left me alone for way too long
And I started to tear myself apart
I want your gown of purity
Not my clouds of grey
I'm so tired now
Of reliving her last day



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