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Forever haunted by an abuser

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You Are Haunting Me

© more by Becky

Published: April 2008

You are haunting me,
I feel you words,
Everywhere I go,
Your bitter punches,
Are always there,
You are in my mind,
All the time,

I'm going mad I can feel it,
My rage is bubbling over,
I see you everywhere,
Your words feed themselves,
Into all fiction I read,
Your mind still slices me,
Though you are a million miles away,

The food I eat tastes of you,
Repulsive and dire,
And when I drink to wash it off,
All I find is you in my mind,
You are permanent,
You and your bitterness will never leave me,
I see it everywhere,

I see an advert on the wall,
And instead of the advert,
I see a picture of you,
You are following me - get away!
I here myself say,
I am going mad,

This is bad,
Look what you have done,
You filthy scum,
Years of torture,
Have led to this,
A life time of madness,
You are haunting me.

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