Mother Poem

Poem About The Strength Of A Mother

The title of this poem says it all. This is the story of a WOMAN!

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Have You Ever Met A Real Woman?


Published: February 2006

I have I met her 38 years ago coming into the world,
Although I did not know how very special she was at the time.
I guess by now you can figure that I am talking about my mother.

My mother is a true woman,
She can cook, clean, take care of her children, make ends meet
She can fix just about anything in a home
She can make sure her children are well mannered, clean, warm and especially loved.

She is strong, yet 100% woman. 
She will work sick, tired, depressed,
To make sure that her children always have what we needed.
She can act as though everything is fine, even if it is falling apart.

Did I mention a man?
No, because there wasn't one.
My father left us when we were very young and never looked back. 

My mother raised three girls,
And if we had hard times we never knew it. 
She had time to work, keep up with us, helping us with school work,
Teaching us how to act like young ladies, from dressing, hair combed,
Oh! and knowing exactly when our periods where due, and I don't mean the one on the end of a sentence. 

Depending on no one, keeping a close bond with her children,
Being mother, father, rewarding, punishing,
Dealing with three girls, three different personalities and three different needs. 

Did I mention that she had a handicap? 
During a childhood accident her hand was severly burned. 
I am mentioning this about this woman because she never used it as a crutch or shortcoming. 

She is truly my HERO, an inspiration through my life. 
She is the most powerful, confident, strong, well put together woman I have ever met,
And she still encourages me today that I can have anything and be anything that I want.
You see, 38 years ago I did not have a clue that I was being birthed by a Queen.
A God fearing Queen. 

Even today, through trails and tribulations, I know I can make it.
I can endure, I can stand, even if I stand alone.
I know that I will be victorious because I know from where I come.



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