Aunt Death Poem

Poem To An Aunt Who Died Too Young

This is for my Auntie Kari, or KK. It's hard without you. You'll be in my heart forever.

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Literally the same exact thing for me, except she only had 1 daughter.

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Heaven's #1 Angel


Published: November 2012

Auntie, I miss you.
I'm now 13.
Every day you're with me, but it's not the same.
We didn't see each other often, which makes it harder...
Now you're much farther,
And I'm all alone.
You used to give me advice on the phone.
Now no one's there to help me through my teenage years.
I miss you much.
And I have to wait much longer to see you again.
I want you to come back and not leave me.
I miss when we would sit on your porch and talk about everything
Boys, school. you're gone...
Auntie, I love you.
I remember the time we went to the zoo.
All the pretty animals so bright and colorful.
Which is the opposite of my world now.
Dark, cold, gray.
Every day I pray.
Pray for you to be next to me at that moment.
It never happens.
Now your daughters are 6 and 10.
We don't get to see them.
There is nothing to look forward to especially without you.
I love and miss you, Auntie, please come home.
That's why I wrote this poem.
I love you so much I wish I could have one more hug,
One more glance.
If I could only have said goodbye to my aunt.
You were adopted, but it was no different.
You were adopted at my age.
I feel like I'm locked in a cage.
I cry every time I hear your name.
This doesn't seem real.
How could you leave us forever?
You were so clever.
The clown of the family.
The prankster.
Now our joy is gone.

Auntie, I miss you!
You don't know how much I cry for you to come back.
We all love and miss you.


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  • Rylee Ann by Rylee Ann, Latter Michgan
  • 8 years ago

I'm 11, my aunt died of drug overdose. She was like my sister I preferred her over my mom I could tell her anything. We always would talk we didn't see each other much but we were planning to hang out for my birthday but then I got the call in school. I dropped everything and ran to the office I couldn't handle it I cried hours. Little did she know that one bus ride would be her last. I wouldn't want my really good friend to watch me overdose and look at me dead on the floor for 15 hours what the crap would be wrong with you I mean you made 3 sons without no mom and 4 kids without a aunt! But as you can see people make deadly addictions! Now she is in ashes! I pray every night to get one more hug one more goodbye, one more I love you!

  • Lilly Hendry by Lilly Hendry
  • 2 years ago

Literally the same exact thing for me, except she only had 1 daughter.

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