Grandfather Death Poem

Poem About Having No Memories Of Grandpa

A poem that a girl has written in tribute to her grandfather. She has no memories of him, only dreams. She feels close to him and just wants to say, "Hi, Grandpa."

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My dad's dad, who was the only person I ever referred to as my grandpa, died when I was just 9 years old. I am 39 years old. This poem put into perspective the exact words to describe my...

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Hi, Grandpa


Published: February 2006

Hi, Grandpa.
I wish that here you could've stayed,
But God and his angels finally ended your pain and suffering
and said your toll had to be paid.

I don't have any memories of you, and those are made of gold,
But I have had many dreams, and those are ones I've told.

Oh, Grandpa, how I love and miss you so very much,
And in my dreams you had my heart in a very gentle touch.

I know you are far from me though I feel you near,
and I just wanted to say, "Hi, Grandpa," and I wish you were here.



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  • by Tammy Kennett, San Pablo, CA
  • 1 year ago

My dad's dad, who was the only person I ever referred to as my grandpa, died when I was just 9 years old. I am 39 years old. This poem put into perspective the exact words to describe my feelings I always felt about my grandpa.

  • by Trisha Gregory
  • 2 years ago

I lost my Grandpa when I was four. I'm 11 now and miss him very much, although I don't have many memories but I do have dreams. Everyday I feel as though he's standing right beside me. Thank you for showing how you feel.

  • by Kennedy, Minnesota
  • 6 years ago

Hi, I'm Kennedy, I'm 14 years young. I'm from Minnesota. The first 5 years of my life I spent living with my Grandparents.. they're my best friends. A year ago tomorrow I lost my grandpa to a heart attack.. little did we know he had 4/4 arteries in his heart 90% clogged. No one was able to say goodbye, besides my uncle who had go give his own father mouth to mouth. My grandfather was the best man you would've ever met. He was the most unselfish man, if he did it was going to the gas station to get scratch offs or a candy bar. He was a carpenter and his body had taken a toll from the large loads he would carry.. but he never complained because he was helping others. He had never missed a softball game since I was in 4th grade. He would sit behind the back stop and call my pitches. I can still his voice say "Come on Kennedy, throw it in there!" My grandpa was the most unselfish, sweetest, kindest man you will ever meet. If he's not in heaven there isn't one.

  • by Jade, England
  • 7 years ago

Hey my names jade, today it has been a year since my grandad died of cancer, it's been so hard, I love these poems and stories people have writen, I miss my grandad so much he was like my second dad I don't know how I've got through everything without him I love him so much. x R.I.P Grandad x

  • by Nora, Missouri
  • 8 years ago

Hi my name is Nora I'm almost 14. My grandfather passed away this morning while I was in school. He died from cancer and I miss him so much and I have to go to his funeral and be strong for my family and it is killing me.

  • by Savanna, Michigan
  • 8 years ago

I'm 14 and my grandpa was in prison since I was 5, I had little memories of him but a lot of dreams. He went into the hospital while he was in prison, I could not go in the room and see him, I couldn't even see him while he was in prison, it was very hard to me to be told my grandfather was dying and not be able to see him what so ever, I didn't see him for about 4 years before he died, the last time I seen him was in his coffin, I felt terrible. he wrote me letters sometimes but I never really got to reply cuz I had no idea what to say. but now I know exactly what to say. Whenever I talked to him on the phone he always say he was coming home to be here for Christmas (his favorite holiday) and he never got to make it out to be able to be with his family one last time. he died of cancer. I know now exactly what I would say to him. god bless you.

  • by M DeBhulbh
  • 2 years ago

Dear Savanna,
You are a very kind, caring, thoughtful, compassionate young lady. You have many gifts, some of which you do not even know yet. I am sorry for your loss, it seems so unfair when loved ones are taken away from us for what ever reason (and of course lengthy sentences not commensurate with the crime is one reason that far too many Dads, sons, brothers, Uncles, Grandads are taken away from us for far too long and it is unnecessary and hurts many people and saddens countless children). I am sorry. You have been graced and you will stand tall in your granddads memory and with your own inner strength and do great things (being kind and good IS a GREAT thing). I wish you well all the days of your good life. Sincerely M xo

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