Abuse Poem by Teens

My step dad moved in 3 years ago and he treats me and my brother like rubbish. He hits us and shouts and swears at us constantly. My dads dead and my mum couldn't care less.
And then when he knows he's done wrong he makes us hot chocolate - like that's going to work :(

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Hot Chocolate

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Published: July 2009

Do you want a hot chocolate?
3 years ago I would have said yes,
I used to love it - delicious,
But now I'm starting to like it less and less,

Hot Chocolate is a cover up,
The spray for a bad smell,
The sugar on a burnt cake,
The comfort for the boy who fell,

A sign to say sorry,
A sign to say it's alright,
Hot chocolate makes it better for a moment,
But it never stops another fight,

You still spit out your bitter words,
You still punch down with your raging fist,
You still make our lives a living hell,
Hot chocolate creates no mist,

Hot chocolate doesn't mean it hasn't happened,
Hot chocolate is just a drink,
Made from cocoa powder and a mix of e numbers,
Sometimes you boil it or you can use the microwave - I think,

Hot chocolate doesn't have the power to heal your woes,
It doesn't make me forget what you've done,
You've ruined the taste anyway,
All you've accomplished is wasting your hot chocolate fund.

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