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Husband Addicted To Oxycontin

I wrote this poem about my husband when he passed on in Dec. 2002. We were in love. We were high school sweethearts, and we were married for 26 years. Have 4 beautiful children. Then my husband started his addiction and everything changed. He was not the man I married, but I loved him just the same. His addiction took his life away from me, and I try every day to move on, but I can't seem to give my heart away to be shattered again. My husband died using a drug they call Oxycontin.

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My fiance is addicted to opiates not just oxy. Anything he can put in his arm. But I finally found a medication that helps him a lot. Its call suboxen and it works great for him. He is the...

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Needle & Spoon


Published: June 2008

My husband used to be lovable,
until he met a new love, the
needle and spoon.

We used to be so in love.
He loved me so much and I
him, until he found the
needle and spoon.

The needle and spoon came into
our life and changed everything
that we shared, things we did
together, then it all fell apart.
All because of the
needle and spoon.

Some ask why do I stay. I say
I love this man, until death did
us part. I miss him very much; he
was my world for twenty-six years,
He loved me... he just couldn't


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  • Bree by Bree, North Carolina
  • 10 years ago

My fiance is addicted to opiates not just oxy. Anything he can put in his arm. But I finally found a medication that helps him a lot. Its call suboxen and it works great for him. He is the man I fell in love with. Not the opiate junkie.

  • Jessica by Jessica, Oklahoma
  • 12 years ago

Very touching poem. I too am in love with an addict. We have only been married for a little less then a year, we have a beautiful little girl together, and he has chose this LEGAL white pill over us. My heart loves him and I can see the man God created him to be underneath this addiction, I just have to get my daughter away from it, I will not let this curse follow her!! Thank you for sharing, I hope you found what you needed through this writing. God bless.

  • Ashlee by Ashlee
  • 12 years ago

I am a 23 yr. old college graduate and continuing student. I have been dating this guy for almost 4 years, and now who has been addicted to oxys for a year and a half by shooting them up. almost ten 20 mgs at one point, now he's down to 3 mgs or whatever he has money to get. This poem really touched me! I am hopeless, yet this is not the 22yr. old man I once fell in love with. I have known him since highschool as well. I can not have a future, marriage, or kids with someone like this but I also wish I could fix him. I am sooo in love with him, but not with who he has become. I have lost many close ones my age maybe not due to this drug but to drinking and driving. I cried my eyes out reading this!

  • Jessica by Jessica
  • 13 years ago

Hey I am sorry for your loss....I too am in love with an addict.....He is a cocaine user he also is on the needle and the spoon I have done said and tried everything just to change that one flaw that he has I love him with all my heart and I always will but he has put our relationship through hell but I just wanted to say I love your poem and I will keep you in my prayers and good luck & god bless!!

  • Brian & Teri by Brian & Teri
  • 13 years ago

I have taken my loved ones down that same old path. I have received Gods love not his wrath. I am sorry for your loss. Oxy is a terrible drug. Addiction does overpower our lives, but doesn't diminish the love we have for others. It just keeps us from expressing it.

With Gods love,

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