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writing this helped me understand how I felt for my girlfriend, it helped me understand certain aspects of a relationship, it helped me accept that it may not be a forever thing or it may not last but it helped me accept that even if it lasts long or not, I know that time spent was not fake but real and worth it

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I Call It Love


Published: February 2011

they can call it puppy love
they can call it a crush
they can call it a fling or just some thing
they say I'm not old enough to know what love is
but am I too young to know my own feelings
they say she's just one of many
they say were taking it way too fast
that may be so, although I know
that my love for you will grow
that with each passing day
that with every kiss and hug
that every moment we spend together
that I know it was genuine
it may not be forever
it may not be how we might have dreamt it
it cant be thought of as wasted time
it cant be a something that we'd regret
it shouldn't be something we'll forget
it must be something for us to cherish so,
with both our hearts put on the line
with these words I describe
without a doubt its you I like
with no hesitation or regret of the above
with all my heart its you I love

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