Betrayed Friend Poem

Poem About Friend Telling A Secret

This is a poem about a girl I trusted more than I trusted anyone, and then she told people my biggest secret.

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I Can't Forgive

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Published: November 2010

You tore my heart open
And now I shiver
In the cold night
Where you left me
Dying in pain
You betrayed me
Now I don't trust
Because you lied
And bitched
So I don't need you anymore
Here I am lying on my bed
Writing this about you
If you hadn't betrayed
I would be laughing
But you did betray
And now I feel as if I am in a black hole
Of nothingness
You were a fake friend
Pretending to know
Pretending to have fun
I trusted you
I told you secrets I hadn't told anyone else
You kept those secrets
Until now when you tell everyone
Not just will I never trust you again
I will never call you a friend
Nor a best friend
I'm backing out of your life
And pushing you out of mine
I will lock you out of my life
And I will make sure you never ruin it again
I won't help you
I won't talk to you
I won't give you payback
Because I try to forget you
And those lies you told
I will never forgive you



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