Angry Poem about Family

The authors heart is bared in this poem, telling it like it is, and also how it isn't.

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I Hope You Understand


Published: February 2006

You were like a father,
And my world was all clear,
I wasn't expecting much from you at first,
Then you treated me like a daughter,
I expected more then,
I thought you would keep your promises,
And now I know.

You made my life a living nightmare,
Yet I still loved you like a father,
I wasn't sure if forgiving you was right,
But every time I did anyways,
You had many chances and many opportunities,
But you used your last one.

I will always think of you as a father,
But if that last chance wasn't blown we would be together,
I hope you never think you were replaced,
Because I will always remember the good,
But the bad will be there too in my thoughts everyday.

Your life means a lot to many different people,
So please don't blow that too,
Because you only get one life and I love that life,
And I hope you do too.

Every night I worry about what you are doing,
And sometimes I cry wondering,
I just wish life didn't have to be this way,
Then I remember it doesn't.

I looked up to you and I wanted you to stay around forever,
I wanted to grow up knowing you were always going to be there,
Now I am not sure that will happen,
You are killing the thing I love most,
So now I am begging you to stop,
I want you to spend the time you have left with me and your family.

We deserve better than to sit and watch you fade away,
Soon there won't be anything left,
Think about these emotions and I hope you understand.


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