Teen Death Friend Poem

Hello my name is Jessica this poem is about my boyfriend who overdosed. His name was Jesse. the reason why he made himself OD was because of his dad. His dad beat him everyday for no reason. I wrote this a week after it happened. I wrote this in school and my teacher read it and said I should put it on the Internet. so I'm hoping my poem will get looked at. He made me so happy but after he died everything went down hill. I loved him with all my heart.

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I Loved You


Published: January 2014

I woke up and got a call,
they told me that you were gone.
Why did you take them all,
now I'm sitting here all alone.
Why didn't you come on home,
you left me by myself.
They told me he had beaten you,
then you ran to your room,
locked the door and took a few.
Now you're gone.

I woke up, opened the door.
They were standing in the cold.
The officer gave me a note and walked away,
here's what it said.
"Baby I'm sorry,
I never meant to hurt you.
I can't take the pain I'm going through."
I dropped to my knees in the freezing rain.
I thought about all your pain

Baby I'm sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.
look at the pain you put me through.
Why did you have to go away,
now it's time for me to say,
I'm sorry.


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