Missing You Poem

This is a poem about two sisters which were always together. But ever since the big sis got married, the small sis got sad. She misses her times with her sister. Every night she will cry. Today, she wants to reveal her feelings to everyone in the world and she hopes that everyone would love their siblings too...

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I Miss You!


Published: November 2009

You've always been with me,
Every day and night.
You would still sleep with me,
Even when we fight.

You'd always play with me,
Whenever we could.
Everytime after tea,
When we had the mood.

You'd always tell me jokes,
That make us laugh.
I told all the folks,
How you teach me to cover my mouth.

You were always so kind,
To teach me Maths.
Now I'm out of your mind,
Treating me like one of your cats.

You've never said 'I Love You',
You've never give me a sweet little kiss.
You've seldom hug me when I miss you,
Even if I bought your favourite 'Bliss' .

You always shop in the city,
Buying me expensive things.
Now I realize, you're more than an infinity,
I just wanna say, I really miss you more than anything...


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