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A girl shares her fond memories of growing up.

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I Remember


Published: February 2006

I REMEMBER Summerlin Lane
in our little white house
The feelings of security
with my siblings, you and Daddy
So attached to you, Mama
never leaving your side
Not even when my school years began
was I ready

I REMEMBER when you walked
behind me to East Side School
How I finally got embarressed
and told you to turn around
To go on home with the switch
and I would to on ahead
And be a big girl for you
and not make a sound

I REMEMBER inviting my teacher for supper
You didn't even know
And how you nicely called her
inviting her to come
You graciously entertained her
your stress would never show

I REMEMBER your words of comfort
the safety of your touch
You were always there when I was sad
I love you, oh, so much!

I REMEMBER watching you at the ironing
board in the living room
In front of As the World Turns
Everytime I was sick or just wanting to stay home
You showed me I had alot of life to learn

I REMEMBER those special times you'd take my lunch money
Down to Johnstons Store
I'd say Surprise me, Mama!
I couldn't have asked for more.

I REMEMBER all the new dresses
you made especially for me
And as ticky as I was
about the way they fit
You'd always say That's okay,
youre just like me
When you wear it you need to feel
like You're IT!

I REMEMBER all the tears I shed
you were always there
Whether my heart was broken
or things just weren't right
You took them all seriously,
never making me feel silly
But, I'm sure I was a sight!

I REMEMBER your arms always around me
In ordinary as well as excellent days
Through the good times, the bad
the heartaches and joys
Your guidance helped through
all your special ways

I REMEMBER you tucking me in bed
and kissing me nite nite
Even when I'd thought I'd gotten too big
You made my world alright.

I REMEMBER all those times
you'd call me in from outside
I'd be in that bid 'ole tree out back
Where I'd invented my own world
You understood that's where I relaxed.



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