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I Started My Cutting Addiction Again


Published: August 2008

I see the knife This bad habit
I reach for it
Some where in my mind
It says don't pick it up
I still reach for it
I slowly raise my sleeve
start to slice
I don't stop
Think should I really start

But I just slice and slice
Not even worrying if I make the cuts to deep
No I don't care anymore
I don't care if the blood sinks into my clothes
& make a stain
No I don't care
There goes the blood
I watch it
As it slowly drips down to the floor
making a small puddle
I just sit there
Watching it drip from my arm to the floor
Has the blood dries
I get up reach for a towel
& clean up the mess I made
I get down on the floor
I don't sit there & cry
I don't cry
I don't cry & puke
I don't see all this blood
This blood was once mine
It was inside my body
I don't think
How could I do this to myself
No I don't do that at all
The car door slams
I rush
They walk in all cheerful
They didn't see the cuts
The dry blood
They don't see me at all
I'm a ghost
I stand there
Then slowly turn
I run back to the bathroom
Grab the knife
Each slice takes away my problems
But leaves me with more

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