Goodbye Poem by Teens

Friend I Will Still Love You

This is a poem I made for my friend. We were friends for like 2 years then her mom died and she moved with her dad and when she moved with her dad she moved to another town. Then I moved to a town closer to theirs. But now I am moving again to Florida.

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Even Though


Published: June 2011

Even Though you are gone,
I will still love you.

Even though you are gone,
I will still remember you.

The bad times, the good times,
the fun times, the sad times...

The times we fought, the times we laughed,
the times we played, the times we cried...

All seems like yesterday.

Although we may be far apart,
1 million miles it may seem.

We are still very close in the heart
like sugar in Kool Aid.



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