Boyfriend Girlfriend Poem

I love him, I have no chance to tell him.
My stupid teacher announced no talking to boys for the rest of the school year. (Only in my class) to prevent drama.
He's my best and only friend. I fell for him.
I don't have a chance to tell him, how I feel. I couldn't tell the girl that asked me if I did.
I wish I would've .
I couldn't go over to his house because they were doing a family thing. I'm still remaining trying for a chance. I'll get it out...somehow.

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I Wish I Never Lied


Published: October 2013

She looked at me,
then asked about he,
the boy that I truly did love,
my best friend,
every moment I was with him I was floating above.

Well she asked me if I did love him,
I just couldn't tell her my feelings within,
I said no, but oh I'm regretting now.
That night I sat crying, how, how
did this happen, I could've said yes.
I should have been honest.

After she asked, she came back with a word from him,
she said , "He loves you"
and my blood ran thin,
I was so stupid, of all sorts of it,
because when I saw him, with another,
my heart turned into a pit,
Vandalized with bruises,
bloody craters in it.

I don't see her anymore, I wonder why,
my best friend looks at me,
and I want to cry,
I truly do love you,
my love won't die.
Yes, we're still best friend but now I'm dying inside.

I need you, I want you, I love you
I see you, and I bleed for you.
Yes, it's only been days.
Am I way too late?

Please tell me now,
I'm starting to ache.
I'll tell you the truth,
before you slowly walk away.

Yet , I still remain
by every passing day,
without a chance,
to explain the way you
make my heart dance.
You make me want to prance,
I love you, will you be my man?


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