Inspirational Friend Poem

I'm a Person

There are all kinds of people out there but the bottom line is we're all people, so before you think that we have nothing in common, think again.

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Who Are You?


Published: October 2007

Hey! I'm the loser
The one who gets picked on
The one who feels small

Hey! I'm the troubled one
The one who can't handle life
The one who hates life with a passion

Hey! I'm the anorexic
The one who looks in a mirror and hates themselves
The one who vomits after they eat a peanut

Hey! I'm the gangster
The one who looks for attention the wrong way
The one who has such a huge ego it could be another continent

Hey! I'm the punk
The one who yells WUZZZUPP!
The one who walks around like they're trying to hold up their pants

Hey! I'm the weirdo
The one who acts like they escaped from a psych ward
The one who doesn't care what people think about them

Hey! I'm a Goth
The one who wears mainly black
The one who is stereotyped as a devil worshiper

Hey! I'm prep
The one who has designer clothing
The one who owns everything

Hey! I'm a jock
The one who asks football or basketball?
The one who doesn't care about anything

Hey! I'm the scrub
The one who doesn't have a lot of clothes
The one who'll wear a shirt three days in a row

Hey! I'm a student
The one who hates anything related to work
The one who falls asleep in class

Hey! I'm a teacher
The one who'll push you to do better
The one who'll give you homework whether or not you whine

Hey! I'm a teen
The one who has to deal with peer pressure
The one who hates school

Hey! I'm an old person
The one who's stiff all the time
The one that's not over the hill but is at the bottom

Hey! I'm a person
The one who deserves every bit of respect you'd give a friend
The one who has feelings too

Who are you?


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