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I wrote this poem because I hate my life. I feel like I'm constantly in darkness hints the name Darkness. By the way I really wish I would die. I'm 13 and I'm about to start cutting unless someone can give me a reason to live.

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Hey I'm Whitney I'm 15 turning 16 soon I've been cutting for 2 years and I know what your going through, and I hate knowing people are going through sooooo many troubles that I want to help...

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I'm In Darkness


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

Darkness all around me.
No light its suffocating.
I'm begging it to kill me.
But the more I beg the longer I seem to live.
The longer I live the darker it gets.
There is pain, sorrow and death I hate it.
With every waking moment the pain gets worse.
AS the days drag on I give up all hope.
Finally there's light.
I walk towards it and it disappears.
I'm left in complete darkness.
Weeks after I stop begging I finally die.


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  • Whitney by Whitney, North Dakota
  • 10 years ago

Hey I'm Whitney I'm 15 turning 16 soon I've been cutting for 2 years and I know what your going through, and I hate knowing people are going through sooooo many troubles that I want to help you out. I know it always feels like you are in the dark but you have so many people supporting you that you don't see that and they're all wanting to help you and so am I. But get out of that darkness try doing something that you always wanted to do (and nothing about suicide) try to live life to the fullest because you're so young to give up your life now, life is precious thing you should appreciate it no matter what. So hopefully this worked and if you need to talk to someone I'm here for you.

  • Rebecca by Rebecca
  • 10 years ago

I know this is late but I want to write something anyway. I know how you feel alone, lost, confused, I've been there but ending it doesn't help anything. I have tried ending but it failed, it btw I'm 14. I know its hard but you have to put on that fake smile and go though the day because I promise you your depression will go away.

  • Ally by Ally
  • 11 years ago

I'm 13 and I have tried to cut my wrists more than once just so the pain inside will go away. No one can tell how much I hurt and that makes me even more upset. I'm too afraid to tell someone. I understand what your saying.

  • Tre by Tre, Seattle
  • 11 years ago

I'm Tre, I'm now 19 I grew up in a abusive home been raped gone through every drug in the book looking for my escape I've been cutting since I was in 5th grade. I just want you to know that its not the way to go. It doesn't get rid of the emotional pain it takes your mind of it for a few minutes. Please just listen to me. I promise that your not alone we are all behind you.

  • Crystal by Crystal
  • 11 years ago

My name is Crystal. I am 17 years old. I have had a hard life. I have been through a lot of pain and to not feel the pain I used to smoke. I know how you feel and what you're going through. But be strong and don't give up. Don't lose this emotionally wrecking battle. You are a wonderful person and you should let everyone see that. Don't let haters bring you down. Be strong and be above them and move on and walk with your head held up high with a smile on your face. Life is amazing and you only live once so don't let it go, over people who aren't worth it. Love yourself and be proud of who you are :)

  • Minniapolis by Minniapolis
  • 11 years ago

Hey my name is Sara and I am 16 years old I know what your going through trust me I do. My life was really bad and one day I snapped and I tried to kill myself. When I knew I was going to die everything that was so bad didn't feel that bad anymore and I wanted to live. I wanted to live more than anything. Now things are better so what I want to say is Not everything is as Dark as it seems, hold on and you will see the light that will shine your life, so please hold on and the reason to live is the future

  • Chloe by Chloe, New Zealand
  • 11 years ago

Hey I'm now 15 nearly 16 I used to live in the UK and I was cutting for I think just over 4 years, its hard to over come and I hope you haven't taken your life, I kept cutting my self quiet because I got raped and bullied all my life and it pushed me too far and one day I snapped but I'm now on the mend I still have all my scars, I have them on my thighs, arms, stomach and breast its not the life you should be living.. I know what your going through and I know it's hard but in life there is so much to live for and once you get through the darkness there will be the brightest sunny day you've ever had, one day I hope you realize that it is amazing to live, but I am happy to help you through this, and I mean it I don't want some one else going through what I went through and have the reminders there day after day... Hope this helps
Yours Truely Chloe x

  • Hiden Inside by Hiden Inside
  • 11 years ago

I am 11 and I have been cutting for a year. I only have one scar though. I cut in the same place to hide it better. Nobody knew until this year. I told my friends and they told other people. This poem really speaks to me though because I feel the darkness everywhere. People treat me like an outsider and it only makes it worse. When I try to stop it never works. I can stop but the next day I won't remember parts of the day. It is like I black out . I know I am hurting myself but I want to be sane and I have to remember things to be sane. Help me stop.

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