Anger Poem about Love

Poem To Ex Boyfriend

This poem is dedicated to my sister. She and her boyfriend split up, and I think it's good, so let him go. You go girl.

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I'm Not Waiting Anymore

© Helen Grandison more by Helen Grandison

Published on October 2009

I waited on your kiss,
Your warm embrace;
I waited on your lips and the way your hands twist.
I waited on your excuse,
I waited on your apology,
I waited on your eyes to look into mine,
But guess what. . . . .
I'm not waiting anymore,
I'm over you,
I'm through with you,
I don't want you, nor do I need you,
I have a line of guys waiting to replace you.
Don't be fooled baby love,
I'm not waiting on you.
Now I'm waiting to choose the next guy that will replace you.
Don't get me wrong, I am not angry at you,
I'm not holding a grudge against you,
I just don't like you.
So I am not waiting anymore,
I'm not waiting on your kiss,
I'm not waiting on your lips,
I'm not waiting on your hands to twist,
Boy please, I'm not waiting anymore.



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