Poem about Life Struggles

I was born in the sign of "balance" popularly known as Libra. So it's been natural to my nature to be indecisive. Really, this character was with me since childhood. I can't get this out of my system. It's flowing in my blood.

I just want to relay what's like to be a Libran, how it's like to have an indecisive character.

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Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

A tag of war of rivals amid reciprocal sways
My head and heart on floating question stains
Innocent, naive which might will I surrender to?
Whose aroma will my sense be persuaded to?

Pushing and pulling, I felt so defenseless
I had no power over my obedience
The inconsiderate thieves snatched my right
I couldn't craft a step, a move, and an answer

How precious am I whose worth is to be robbed?
An offer like a blood to a thirsty vampire throat
What am I? A hand-friendly basketball
Elastic from anyone's hand security

How I wish my mouth wasn't stitched
I could shout like an echoing bell kinetically
Their ears would be plucked angrily like a gong
Frightened, choice less- they returned my gold


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