Abortion Poem

Hey guys, I have never personally had an abortion but my heart goes out to all of the precious babies lives that are taken every single day. I felt like writing and I guess God laid this on my heart because when I wrote it all the words just seemed to flow out of me. I feel like abortion is an issue that is not discussed enough. Unborn babies don't have a voice to speak for themselves. But if they did they would want to live. This is my way of being a voice for the voiceless!

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Published: July 2011

Some people, even doctors argue that you don't exist
That your not alive, that your not yet formed, or have a destined purpose to live.
They say that it's okay
For us to pick who lives and who dies.
That if what we did was a mistake or a tragedy of circumstance
That we can just erase it.
That it's okay to take away your innocence
So that we don't have to feel the pain of our mistakes.
When actually in trying to solve our problem,
We make an even bigger one.

Now the world will never know your name
No one will see you smile, or laugh, or hold you in their arms.
We won't see what you would have looked like
Or be able to know who you could have become... who you would have been.
No one will be able to love you or see how precious you truly are.

You once lived inside us
And heard the beating of our heart and it comforted you.
You got bigger and more active
You'd kicked our insides until they hurt
And when you were still for to long
We worried if you were alright.
You loved us because we were your life
Our inmost being was all you knew.
And you longed for the day when you'd see our face.

But out of fear we killed you.
We let the world tell us it was okay
To take your precious life
So that our problems would be okay.
Now you'll never see the light of day
You never even had a chance
To show this world just what you could do
To play, live, laugh, and dance.

You were a gift from God
With all the potential to change the world.
But because of our fear and shame
We will never know.
You were unique and special
There will never be another person like you
And it's a shame that the world is missing out.

You had a destiny, purpose, and calling.
There was a reason you were created
And you were designed and meant to fulfill it.
In the midst of tragedy God gave us a gift
Something irreplaceable and meant to flourish into a living breathing being.

So why do we deny you your destiny?
Why do we take away your chance at life?
What gives us that right......?
The answer is nothing....

My heart breaks for these innocent lives that are lost everyday
Out of fear, shame, embarrassment, judgment and so many worldly lies that attack us.
Every person ever created has such a potential to become something great
To be a world changer
And to take that away from them is such a sad thing!
You got your chance to live
Why shouldn't they have theirs?


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